[geos-devel] postgis and geos

Heitzso heitzso at growthmodels.com
Mon Aug 18 17:49:39 EDT 2003

Using postgis and geos from earlier this AM cvs
and then using some scripts I have for regenerating
some tables, I end up with postgis hanging when
requesting 'the_geom' in a SELECT.

So ...
  SELECT county from ga_county where county like '139';
returns immediately but
  SELECT county, the_geom from ga_county where county like '139';
hangs with CPU working madly away.

I regenerated postgis w/o geos and rebuilt my tables
and all is well.

I'm not saying there's a problem with postgis/geos
because there are other variable involved.  Specifically,
the table was loaded from a saved pg_dump and I'm not
sure if there are other factors coming into play.

If someone believes the pieces are in sync at a
particular moment in time let me know and I'll be glad
to retry the sequence and report on what happens.

ALSO, my original question was never answered ...
what GIS SQL function can take a POLYGON generated
from an aggregate 'collect(the_geom)' and reduce
it to a simple exterior boundary POLYGON?


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