[geos-devel] GEOS Status (Sunday, Mar. 23)

Yury A. Bychkov me at yury.ca
Mon Mar 24 03:43:19 EST 2003

Current status:
1. The following packages are now completely ported:
a. isValid
b. Two remaining 'index' subpackages (chain and invervaltree)
c. Overlay
2. Several classes from 'algorithm' that depended on 'index' packages are ported
3. isValid and Overlay are being debugged.

To do:
1. Finish debugging isValid and Overlay (should be done this week)
2. Write another example program for CoordinateLists based on arrays (Martin's
3. Bring the GEOS up to date with the latest JTS version (1.3) and add
4. Add rawGetAt method to CoordinateList* classes (Norman's recommendation that
should result in even better performance).

Things left to port:
1. ConvexHull class from 'algorithm'
2. 'operation/buffer' package
3. 'operation/distance' package


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