[geos-devel] geos/postgis install

Ken Lord kenlord at email.com
Wed Apr 14 16:35:55 EDT 2004

Thank you Paul for responding so quickly to my previous post.  It took a few days before I could try your RPM suggestion.

I guess what I am looking for is documentation.  What to do after installing the RPM.

I have the PostGIS RPM package installed with Proj and Geos, but I have no clue how to proceed.  

My previous attempt, compiling from source, gave me folders and files to dig through with information on how to proceed, a location for the database to be stored, instructions on starting the database server etc.  The RPM's create no such structures for a novice such as myself to follow, and i see nothing like this at refractions.net

I have successfully installed/tested PostGIS on a windows computer through Cygwin.

Is there some mystery webpage I've missed that will point me in the right direction?

Thank you,
Ken Lord
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