[geos-devel] Current Status

Carl Anderson carl.anderson at vadose.org
Fri Apr 23 21:56:31 EDT 2004

Is the current API creep in CVS intended?
toGeometry(Envelope *, ... ) has changed and no long compiles against  
PostGIS cvs nor PostGIS 0.8.1

I ask to see where I should try to plug bugs?

the CVS code is more delicate (has more instance of SIGABRTs) than the  
geos-1.0 code.

The CVS work has promising elements in it but while the 1.0 code
only SIGABRT'ed on 15 of 200,000 geometries the CVS code
SIGABRTs on more than 200 of same set.

The 1.0 code only
   SIGABRTs in the BufferOp routine
and CVS
   SIGABRTs in noding/IteratedNoder.cpp and strtree and other places  
but not BufferOp

remembe that my test set is by definition not unlimited and other  
instances of trouble may be waiting in both CVS and 1.0.

so should I chill and wait for CVs to settle, work on submitting a  
patch against 1.0 or work on CVS.

If the CVS API changes are intended could someone increment the version  
tag (and directory name).


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