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Carl Anderson carl.anderson at vadose.org
Mon Apr 26 22:09:20 EDT 2004

On 04/26/2004 12:20:42 PM, strk wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 26, 2004 at 09:11:04AM -0700, Martin Davis wrote:
> > no need to pass it to the toGeometry method.  Really, the  
> toGeometry
> > method is only there to support converting Envelopes to a Geometry  
> -
> > it's not intended for outside use.  Probably should be
> package-private
> > in JTS.
> >
> > Make sense?
> Sure, so the bug is in the comment alone :)
> If that function is not part of the API, what code was trying to use
> it Carl ?
> --strk;

in PostGIS-0.8.1
    g = geomFactory->toGeometry(envelope,geomFactory-
>getPrecisionModel(), SRID);

matches a function in GEOS-1.0 but does not match anything in GEOS-CVS

Pls remember that my original email was addressing two seperate issues
   (1) - the API creep
   (2) - the stability of the geos library due to Asserts /
        Exceptions / SegFaults.  Especially in the context of the
        C program Postgres

the latter involve bugs, the former with tagging and whether fixes to  
1.0.0 or CVS would be appropriate.


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