[geos-devel] Development plans

strk strk at keybit.net
Thu Jul 1 07:56:26 EDT 2004

I'm working on providing both deep-copy and take-ownership
behaviours for Geometry construction. This will be also
available in GeometryFactory. Constructors taking
pointer-to-initializer-data will take ownership, while those
taking references-to-initializer-data will copy args.

Supporting both old and new API will require preprocessor
switches on ALL geometry constructions except Points, which
are tipically constructed passing a Coordinate (copied).
Extracting GEOS version for the switches is not going to be
easy so you'll probably want to support new API only.
If this is not the case you can look at how postgis will
handle it.

As part of the new API I plan to move all headers in
the geos/ directory, so you can #include <geos/util.h> with
no fear of name clashes. A geos/geos.h will also be available
which will include some commonly needed header files 
(currently geom.h, util.h and geos_version.h - feel free to
 suggest any other candidate).

The geos_version.h file will define major/minor/patchlevel version
numbers and a version string, so you can check it to handle
next API change ;)

I'd include in next release some more examples in the doc/example.cpp
with new features, and a doxygen documentation build rule.
Also we'd need some more xml tests for buffer operations and new
features. New features will also need to be handled by the XMLTester.

Hopefully in 3 weeks we will be ready for next release.


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