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Another way to look at the problem may be to integrate OGR into GEOS.
That would seem like an easier integration strategy to me.  That way,
you could just build some classes that would use OGR to open a set of
geometries into GEOS.  Otherwise, I think there will be a lot of overlap
between object models.  Plus, that would allow PostGIS to use the
existing GEOS lib with the addition of a new persistence layer provided
by OGR.

Just a thought.

Martin Chapman

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Re-invigorated after the MUM/OSGIS meeting last week, I have decided to
dig somewhat deeper into using GEOS for geometry operations in OGR.
After a first quick inspection a few questions arise:

1) Are there some sample applications I am missing demonstrating use of

2) Is there a well known binary reader and writer analygous to the
    and WKTWriter already incorporated?

3) Does geos support 2.5D geometries?

4) How do I do the wrapping of my own geometry classes with GEOS

5) Has there been any thought to providing Python or other SWIG based
    languages access to GEOS?  Would you be interested in my doing so?

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