[geos-devel] Interface consistency

strk strk at keybit.net
Tue Jun 15 04:39:21 EDT 2004

Before releasing next GEOS I'd like to fix interface inconsistencies.
Namely some geometry constructors take ownership over passed

	o Polygon::Polygon(LinearRing *shell, vector<Geoemtry *> *holes)
		will not copy shell and holes, and destroy it at
		polygon destruction time.

	o GeometryCollection::GeometryCollection(const vector<Geometry *>*geoms)
		will copy vector, but not geoms, which it will destroy
		at GeometryCollection destruction time.

	o MultiGEOM::MultiGEOM(const vector<GEOM *>*geoms)
		see GeoemtryCollection constructor

Other geometry constructors all copy their arguments. I think this needs
to be fixed to "all-constructors-copy-arguments". This will break existing
applications, but if we make the change now I don't think there will be
so much applications involved.

Comments ?


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