[geos-devel] GEOS interface change: postgis case

strk strk at keybit.net
Wed Jun 16 16:03:14 EDT 2004

I've updated postgis to perform the needed cleanup after
multi geometry construction when built agains GEOS > 1.0.

The only viable way to detect GEOS version was to use
'geos-config --version' and handle bogus output from the
GEOS-1.0 revision. This needed an external script that
outputs two defines: POSTGIS_GEOS_VERSION with GEOS major
and minor (2 digits) version numbers, and GEOS_VERSION with
the compete version as a string.

Even if GEOS-1.4 will provide a geos_version.h postgis would
not be able to detect wheter or not that header is availble
(it was not available for GEOS-1.0).

Adding version string to geom.h would not have worked, as
one part of the connector is C code and does not understand
the geom.h header.
GEOS_VERSION is currently unused (POSTGIS_GEOS_VERSION format
is more easly usable) but I'd like to use it in the output
of postgis_version().


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