[geos-devel] buffer bug fixed

Martin Davis mbdavis at VividSolutions.com
Wed May 19 20:57:21 EDT 2004

I don't think so...  We've sort of outstripped the ability to express
tests in .xml format  (e.g. buffer tests are really possible to

There is a bunch of Junit buffer tests - would those be useful?

By the way, do all the tests which uncovered bugs in GEOS pass in JTS?
If not, can you send me the tests?

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> Subject: [geos-devel] buffer bug fixed
> I've found and fixed a bug in BufferOp.
> example.cpp runs work now fine on buffers.
> There is an issue left with intersection,
> where side location conflict TopologyException is raised.
> Still we have no failures on .xml tests, apart from the
> 5 isValid tests also failing with JTS-1.4
> Martin, could you provide any new-features .xml tests ?
> --strk;
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