[geos-devel] GEOS Exceptions

Ted Macy tmacy at mapshots.com
Mon Apr 18 17:28:33 EDT 2005

I use WKT extensively in my applications... that is what we store in our
database for thousands of acres worth of detail agronomy records, so I am
VERY interested in the WKT parser performance.  I will be happy to generate
some files of WKT data, if it would help.  Drop me a note directly and let
me know what you would like.   Something like the boundaries of every county
in every state, or GPS collected field boundaries at 1 second resolution for
thousands of acres?   

>  Have you done any empirical
>measurement to note any significant performance differences between
>the old and new parsers?
Nope, but I will at some point. Are there any test WKT datasets I could 
try? Also I load WKT into my geometry model which is different from GEOS. 

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