[geos-devel] why this exception happened

jingping.xie jingping.xie at jicoux.com
Tue Apr 26 03:20:25 EDT 2005


When I make two polygon booled operation for example union operation, 
somtimes one exception happened.

the two polygon is all valid, I think it shouldn't get a excetion if I union 
two polygon anyway.

Why it happened and how to solve it?

the following is test.xml written by me:

  <precisionModel type="FLOATING" />
  <desc>A/A-3-2-1: two polygons touching at multiple points 
[dim(0){A.A.Bdy.CP = B.A.Bdy.CP}, dim(0){A.A.Bdy.V = B.A.Bdy.V}]</desc>
  <a>POLYGON( (-40489.278096372727 4372.207298020518,-40296.371428571423 
4384.328571428571,-40288.871021184132 4292.242313959804,-40473.478571428568 
4280.385714285714,-40489.278096372727 4372.207298020518))</a>
  <b>POLYGON( (-40539.639285714278 4369.042857142857,-40372.370476402626 
4379.553177980468,-40369.146156502444 4148.052935215692,-40519.282142857141 
4149.947619047619,-40539.639285714278 4369.042857142857))</b>
  <op name="union" arg1="A" arg2="B" arg3="FF2F01212">true</op>

this is the exception message:

Exception: TopologyException: no outgoing dirEdge found 

jingping xie
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