[geos-devel] Re: Swig Wrapper Versioning

Niki Spahiev niki.spahiev at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 07:48:55 EST 2005

2005/12/21, Charlie Savage <cfis at interserv.com>:
> Hi Gérald,
> Right now you would only be able to have 1 version of a SWIG GEOS wrapper
> at a time.  The reason is that the extension libraries are being built
> without version numbers.  Thus for Python, there is a Python extension
> called _geos.so (or .dll) and for ruby on called geos.so.
> In fact, I don't know if Python supports installing the same extension
> with multiple versions - maybe someone else on the  list knows this?  I
> don't if Ruby does either, but I suspect it doesn't (but I'll see if I can
> find something).

It's possible using eggs.

Niki Spahiev
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