[geos-devel] JTS/GEOS performance - smart-ptr vs ref counting

Norman Vine nhv at cape.com
Tue Feb 1 18:52:14 EST 2005

Ferdinando Villa writes:
> >> One thing that would probably speed things a bit is to inline the 
> >> trivial constructors and destructors :-)
> >I would do this, but is it possible to inline functions w/out breaking
> ABI ? Will using the 'inline' keyword be enough ?
> I may be wrong, but I suspect this is the kind of thing that a good
> compiler could optimize away anyway.... maybe it's worthwile to check
> gcc's docs or run some simple tests to make sure it really matters,
> before embarking in a boring and unnecessary typing exercise...

Compilers can do wonders but not many will inline code outside of the
file that it resides in :-)



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