[geos-devel] gprof

strk at refractions.net strk at refractions.net
Fri Feb 4 18:29:30 EST 2005

Attached is output of gprof on the buffer operation
posted here some days ago.

Profiled are buffer ops for 100, 500 and 2000 units.

As you can see the 100 version have Coordinate copy
taking the most time (9.43%), while the other 2 have
Envelope intersection test taking the most (16.45%, 8.51%).

Note that I changed BufferSubgraph::computeDepths to use
a set<> instead of a vector<> for checking already visited
nodes. This radically changed weight of functions, as 
the BufferSubgraph::contains was taking the most time for
both buffer 500 and buffer 2000 before the change.

If anyone want to do some experiment theirself you need
to configure geos using:

	./configure ... CXXFLAGS="-pg -g"

Then go to source/test and run 

	make static

This will produce a staticXMLTester. You just run it to produce
a gmon.out out, then run gprof .../staticXMLTester to get profiler


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