[geos-devel] Win32 porting

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Oct 20 22:52:09 EDT 2005


I have commited a variety of updates to GEOS related to
win32 porting.  I'm not sure this is a comprehensive list but
it is the main points.

 o source/Makefile.vc updated to include changed file list,
    to build DLL and to build geostest.exe.
 o capi/geostest.c: avoid use of non-portable "vasprintf" and
    make large buffer static instead of placing it on the stack.
 o capi/geos_c.h.in, capi/geos_c.cpp: Added GEOS_DLL
   macro and incorporated into all prototypes so that functions
   are exported from the DLL.

Is the VisualStudio directory being maintained?  If not, I would
like permission to remove it.  It confused me, so I imagine
it will confuse others.

I will note that win32 builds are complicated by the need to manually
add version information in version.h and geos_c.h.  Will these
files be distributed with version info embedded in release snapshots?

I was able to use geostest.exe linked against the GEOS DLL.
C++ programs cannot use the DLL since the C++ API is not

Hopefully I am very close to including GEOS support in
the next FWTools on win32!

Best regards,
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