[geos-devel] Geos 2.2.2 tests broken

Mateusz Łoskot mateusz at loskot.net
Sun Apr 2 18:52:14 EDT 2006

Charlie Savage wrote:
> The Geos 2.2.2 XmlTester doesn't compile on MinGW.
> Offending code is in indexSweepline.h, line 62.
> class indexSweepLineEvent { public: enum { INSERT = 1, DELETE
> <------- Breaks };
> The error:
> In file included from ../..//source/headers/geos/opValid.h:67, from
> XMLTester.cpp:41: ../..//source/headers/geos/indexSweepline.h:62:
> error: expected identifier before numeric constant
> Not sure if this is important, but thought I'd bring it up.  I'm
> using g++ 3.4.5 on Windows XP under MingW.

Yup, this is known bug.
It has been fixed in GEOS CVS.
The problem is with DELETE enumerator name.
DELETE is used by Windows Platform SDK headers - winnt.h - where it is
defined as:

#define DELETE (0x00010000L)

This is problem with macro evil, so it was fixed about month ago:

Revision 1.8  2006/03/02 14:53:40  strk

I'd suggest to rename it in GEOS 2.2.0 too as a backport fix.

Mateusz Łoskot

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