[geos-devel] Planar point location query?

Okeefe, Charlie (Mission Systems) Charlie.Okeefe at ngc.com
Mon Feb 13 13:13:54 EST 2006

Well, more broadly, I'm writing a 3D earth viewer for terrain, raster
and vector data as well as overlaid function plots. One early issue that
sparked my question was, if the user clicks somewhere with the mouse,
quickly determine the region the user clicked. I suppose I am looking
for a sort of computational geometry framework, especially for dealing
with vector data. So far I use GDAL for accessing geospatial data but I
think that is just an importer/exporter. Whether to use a database or
not, I'm not sure about yet. Can you suggest tools (LGPL or similar)
that might be ideal for this? Thanks again for your response.


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That's a pretty easy question Charlie, and almost any spatial framework
at all will answer it.  Whether GEOS is the tool for the job depends on
what your larger architectural context is.  Is the question always going
to be that easy, or will it get harder, larger, more frequent?  Would
the flexibility of a database help?  If time-to- deployment is an issue,
either using PostGIS and SQL as the interface, or Mapserver and the
Mapserver CGI as an interface can give you a system that answers that
kind of a question in half an hour or less of setup.


On 12-Feb-06, at 5:22 PM, Okeefe, Charlie (Mission Systems) wrote:

> I'm wondering if GEOS is (capable of) / (a good fit for) answering the

> following problem:
> Given a static database of countries and oceans in the world, each 
> defined by a set of polygons, answer the query, "which country or 
> ocean contains point P?" where P has some arbitrary latitude and 
> longitude.
> Thanks for any help!
> Charlie
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