[geos-devel] Building GEOS with eVC++ 4.0

Mateusz Łoskot mateusz at loskot.net
Wed Jan 25 06:43:15 EST 2006


Yesterday, I tried to compile GEOS with Microsoft eVC++ 4.0 compiler.
It's pretty old compiler based on VC++ 6.0, so it may be considered as
VC++ 6.0 when talking about ANSI/ISO C++ conformation (or lack of
conformation :-)).
My goal is to use GEOS on Windows CE based devices, together with OGR
(work is in progress).
So, after my first try of building GEOS with eVC++ I realized that
I'll need to do quite much changes inside GEOS source code.
Yesterday, I talked a little about it with FrankW and nhv
on the #gdal channel.
They suggested me to talk to strk (IRC nick) or write on the geos list
about it. So, I'd like to ask GEOS developers about best possible way I 
should go to make GEOS compilable on eVC++.

Simple example, eVC++ does not support in-place initialization of static 
const data members of classes

So I'd have to do quite much changes inside geom.h.
I predict there may be much more changes but I believe they are doable 
and it will work. My main question is less technical but more about how 
to organize it, release my work etc.

Is it possible to include my changes to the official GEOS repository?
Should I derive new projects e.g. geos-wince just as sqlite-wince is 
derived from sqlite and is hosted separately on SF.net?

p.s. Forgive me my ignorance I use IRC nicks instead of full names of
persons I'm calling here in my post but simply I don't know them by name.

Mateusz Łoskot

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