[geos-devel] c api questions for SWIG

Charlie Savage cfis at savagexi.com
Mon Jul 10 17:13:28 EDT 2006

While I'm working through the SWIG bindings, I've come up with a few 
questions/issues about the c api.

1.  GEOSGeomTypeId.  This is both a method name in the CAPI and the name 
of an enum.  This causes problems in the SWIG bindings because I have 
code that does this:

     GEOSGeomTypeIdgeomId = (GEOSGeomTypeId)GEOSGeomTypeId(geom);

     switch (geomId)
     case GEOS_POINT:

VC++ won't compile this code (haven't checked gcc).  However, it seems 
like a bad idea to have the same identifier used for two different 
things.  Can we change the name of the enum to something like GeomTypeID?

2.  Message handlers have this signature:

    typedef void (*GEOSMessageHandler)(const char *fmt, ...);

Are the ... parameters ever used (I didn't see any place where they 
were).  If they are used, what are they?  If not, should they be removed?

3.  Init/Finish.  In SWIG I can automatically call initGEOS and install 
the message handlers.  But I don't know of a way to call finishGEOS 
automatically.  What happens if the SWIG bindings don't call it?



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