[geos-devel] Iterator adapter - question

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Fri May 26 12:15:11 EDT 2006

strk at refractions.net wrote:
> Mateus, the whole issue is related to make a std::map iterator return
> values rather then pair(key,value) so we can't consider them
> "exception" but rather the main focus.

I understood that this adapter should unify all collections
you're using in GEOS. That's why I called std::map as an exception.

> Probably a MapValueIterator would do as we wouldn't need an adapter
> for the other containers.

as I said, I understand the adapter should work on all containers,or I'm
wrong here?

> I already suggested a simpler interface: only use for the iterator
> would be:
> comparison ( current != end ) // map_iter == other.map_iter 
> dereference ( *current ) // return map_iter->second advance (
> ++current; current++; ) // ++map_iter; map_iter++

That's clear

> I don't know if making this a STL-compatible iterator would do. For
> example, would standard algorithms rely on the *dereference operator
> ?

Yes. Is this a problem?

> Note that we wouldn't need most operations defined for standard
> iterators.

What you mean?
There are 5 categories of iterators in STL:
input, output, forward, bidirectional and random access.
Those categories differs in capabilities, so they are usable in
algorithms depending on their category.

Mateusz Łoskot

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