[geos-devel] GEOS-RC1 CAPI *header* broke 64bit systems

strk at refractions.net strk at refractions.net
Thu Oct 26 05:52:49 EDT 2006

This mail is just a warning for anyone that might have built
any GEOS client against GEOS-RC1.

The CAPI header file (geos_c.h) was bogus in RC1 as it was advertising
some functions as dealing with 'size_t' types where the underlying
library really expected 'int' types.
On hosts where 'size_t' is of different size then 'int' there are
pending troubles.

Bugs would only show IFF a client is really passing/expecting a 'size_t'
rather then an 'int'. This can happen if either the compiler performs
automatic conversion, of if client developers blindly changed the
calls to match the GEOS-CAPI header (the latter was the case 
for PostGIS-1.1.5).

Note that if you didn't recompile your client against GEOS-3.0.0-RC1
CAPI everything is fine, as the CAPI library *binary* interface hasn't

Any build against a prior version of the GEOS-CAPI will still work
with GEOS-3.0.0-RC1. RC2 (and current TRUNK) contain a fix in the
header, so if you build against it everything should be fine.


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