[geos-devel] Open issues

Markus Schaber schabi at logix-tt.com
Mon Oct 30 06:24:16 EST 2006


I'm just trying to summarize our discussion on #postgis.

The open issues for GEOS seem to be:

- The enum GEOSGeomTypeId was renamed to GEOSGeomTypes - this
  might break compatibility with clients. Why was it done, and should
  it be reverted?

- Our "typedef struct GEOSGeom_t *GEOSGeom;" used in function arguments
  as "const GEOSGeom" actually defines an unmodifiable Pointer to a
  modifiable Geometry. This is the reason for those "type qualifiers
  ignored on return type" warnings.
  Possible solutions:
  - Include the "const" into the typedef, as the C-API does not expose
    any in-place modificators.
  - Remove the "*" from the typedef, and declare the Pointers explicitly
    in the function definitions
  We will have to dig into whether this might break any clients.

- The same for "typedef struct GEOSCoordSeq_t *GEOSCoordSeq;".

- Missing regression test for Polygonizer.

- Inclusion of capi/geostest into "make check".

Some of this issues might be critical enough to block 3.0.0 final.

I hope that I did not miss something.


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