[geos-devel] IsValid() for a new geometry

Mathieu Le Serre mathieu.leserre at camptocamp.com
Thu Aug 2 10:33:52 EDT 2007

I'm a new PostGIS&GEOS user.
I'm trying to implement new kind of geometries in PostGIS(TIN &
POLYHEDRON) and I would like to make the function IsValid() for these
two types.For the moment, this operator works just with POINT,
LINESTRING, POLYGON, and the correspondant MULTIGEOMETRIES.I already
added the GEOS_TYPES in the file Geometry.h and modified the files
IsValidOp.h/.cpp. I also modified the file lwgeom_geos_c  in PostGIS  to
make the GEOS-PostGIS correspondance.Compilation is OK but when I tried
to use the isvalid() operator I still get this message:
"NOTICE:  Unsupported type request for PostGIS2GEOS_collection".

Thank  you for helping me.

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