[geos-devel] Problem with building 3.0.0rc

Sean Gillies sgillies at frii.com
Fri Dec 28 13:45:58 EST 2007

Charlie Savage wrote:
>> Same here.
>> The mkinstalldirs script appears to be buggy on this particular
>> platform. One shift too many. Strangely, the 3.0rc builds fine on
>> another Ubuntu 6.10 i686 of mine. Same bash version even.
>> I suppose I could try to fix mkinstalldirs, but it seems like it should
>> be simpler and more foolproof for the build to ignore swig/python
>> alltogether unless it is explicitly enabled.
> It would be good to know what is going wrong.  Strk and I did (and Mark
> a bit) did spend some time trying to make sure this works, and it seems
> like you've found some bug in the code or our logic.
> Charlie

I'd like to implement the solution at


It appears trivial. Was there really a 3.0 final made on the 21st as
appears in the downloads directory? If not, I'd really like to make this
fix ASAP.


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