[geos-devel] [karl@flightaware.com: Bug in geos configure -- requires python even if python wasn't enabled or was disabled]

Frank Koormann frank.koormann at intevation.de
Wed Jun 6 03:22:33 EDT 2007

* strk <strk at keybit.net> [070605 19:32]:
> ----- Forwarded message from Karl Lehenbauer <karl at flightaware.com> -----
> The culprit seems to be the AM_PATH_PYTHON in configure.in.  It  
> should come inside the if statement where it checks to see if python  
> is being used.
> I tested this and it seems to work.
> This is using the RC4 version.

The problem has been reported as bug 141:

and is fixed in SVN trunk.

Btw, the "Download hourly SVN snapshot of GEOS code" section is broken.
The directory name of the extracted tarball indicates 3.0.0rc1, the last
ChangeLog entry dates "2006-10-30"!


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