[geos-devel] Buffer op - end cap styles

Martin Davis mbdavis at refractions.net
Tue Jun 12 17:47:14 EDT 2007


This is a few months old now, but I'm just rejoing this list and am 
going thru some old posts...

The reason you're not noticing any difference from specifying a round 
endcap style is that this is the default.

As for modifying the buffer algorithm to produce different width 
buffers, yep, this is possible, with a bit of work. We'd be interested 
in talking if you have funding for this...  8^)

What is your use case for this?  Did you just want a set of linestrings 
with each one buffered by a different, but constant amount?  (E.g. 
equivalent to buffering each individually and then unioning them)  Or 
did you want to buffer a linestring with a varying buffer width along 
the linestring?  This latter is the more interesting & challenging 
case.  If that, could you comment on what you'd expect to pass in as 
arguments to such a routine?  (I.e. how would you want to specify the 
varying buffer width?)

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