[geos-devel] Compiling GEOS for ARM processor

Jean-Claude Repetto jean-claude.repetto at worldonline.fr
Fri Mar 9 10:02:21 EST 2007


I am trying to compile geos-2.2.3 for the ARM architecture.
There are no errors, but lots of warnings :

In file included from ../../source/headers/geos/geom.h:27,
                  from DefaultCoordinateSequence.cpp:35:
../../source/headers/geos/platform.h:37:2: warning: #warning "Could not 
find 64bit integer definition!"
In file included from DefaultCoordinateSequence.cpp:35:
../../source/headers/geos/geom.h: In static member function `static int
../../source/headers/geos/geom.h:461: warning: right shift count >= width of

Can I simply ignore these warnings, or must I dig into the source code 
to find the reasons of the warnings and fix them ?

(I am using arm-linux-gcc v 3.3.4).

Best regards,

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