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Fri Nov 2 20:52:04 EDT 2007

1. 'geom' package is almost ported.
2. Not done yet: Geometry*
3. Almost done: Multi*, Polygon.
4. Porting is going slower then expected (from last phone meeting) mainly due to
conversion from Java support classes (ArrayList, etc.) and casting issues.
5. Main current problem: some methods in Geometry class use arrays of Geometry
as their parameters, but are called by other classes with arrays of subclasses
of Geometry as a parameter (e.g. LinearRing[]). This is easy to do in java, but
to mimic the functionality of java arrays I'd like to use C++ vectors and it is
impossible to cast between vector<Geometry *> and vector<LinearRing *>.
5. Total time spent is 26 hours 34 min.

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