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Fri Nov 2 20:52:04 EDT 2007

- We reviewed Yury's progress. He has finished the object model and test
harness, and is into the Graph classes. Graph and some other algorithms
will need to be finished before binary predicates can be tackled.
- Looking ahead, Yury predicted that the Graph should be done in the
next two weeks, and that binary predicates should be done by August 20.
- Refractions will start to play with integrating GEOS into the PostGIS
framework, and try some tests of instantiation and writing back GEOS
- Refractions will be doing some UNIX compilation tests on GEOS over the
next month, and will start to publish the GEOS docs online with doxygen.
- Paul will review the SEG schedule and pick a date in September to do a
- Jens or Daniel will send information about the computational
algorithms seminar, and Martin will pick a date to give a presentation
on the problems of robustness in computational geometry. Hopefully this
will yield some interest in exploring our practical robustness issues
around intersections and buffers.
- Dave and Martin and Yury/Daniel/Jens will check out GeoTex 2003
( and think about abstracts for papers.
Martin/Yury will consider a JTS/GEOS presentation. Martin will consider
a JCS presentation. Dave will think about a PostGIS presentation.


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