[geos-devel] --disable-swig does not work in geos-3.0.0rc4

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at tkk.fi
Sat Sep 15 07:09:43 EDT 2007


Despite of issuing --disable-swig and --disable-python the configure 
ended in a complaint that I don't have python.

I ripped the python tests out of configure and then built GEOS, which 
seems to work fine.

Also the timeval.h bugs in MSYS but that's probably fixed in repository 
(as per an earlier message to this list)

A question: In a message in postgis-user I saw warnings like:

NOTICE: Self-intersection at or near point 1.01727e+06 886743

I'm using GEOS through GDAL, which sets its own warning function and the 
warnings come out without the "near point ...", which would be useful. 
Anybody have an idea how to make it so?



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