[geos-devel] GEOS SRID Patch

Charlie Savage cfis at savagexi.com
Fri Sep 28 18:13:26 EDT 2007

Hi Strk,

Thanks for the help.

> AGE is the number of previous interfaces still supported.
> So, if current is 5 and you support 4 previous interfaces, a code
> which was compiled against interface 1 should still run w/out problems.

I see - and that should be the case.

> Under Linux, your suggested versioning translates to a SO versioned
> as 1.4.0 (oldest interface supported, additional new interfaces, revision)
> while previous 4:3:3 should translate to 1.3.3.

Hmm - that sounds reasonable to me assuming that adding methods to the 
CAPI warrants the jump in current interface version (seems to me that it 

>> For the C++ lib, I'm doing:
> The C++ lib will actually have a release-bound version, no new library will
> be automatically used by code built against older libs (see -release in libtool
> manuals).

Ok, from libtool manual:

`-release release'
     Specify that the library was generated by release release of your 
package, so that users can easily tell which versions are newer than 
others. Be warned that no two releases of your package will be binary 
compatible if you use this flag.

So any release of the C++ library is not compatible with the previous one.

> So what your setting with VERSION_* is the *release* version, which will also
> be the C++ lib version.

Hmm, ok.  So I think my changes were correct then.

Thanks again for the help!  I never would have figured this out 
otherwise.  Seems this should be documented in the readme (maybe it is 
and I missed it)?


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