[geos-devel] Bug in buffer function?

Silke Reimer reimer at rapideye.de
Fri Feb 8 03:29:06 EST 2008

On Wednesday 06 February 2008, Homme Zwaagstra wrote:
> Hello,
> Not too much help, I know, but things do look amiss! The following WKB
> also fails with buffer(-2). It is almost identical to the second WKB
> in your post (and which produces a valid buffer), differing only at
> around the 15th decimal place (didn't check exactly!):
> 010300000001000000090000006666666666D679403433333333636E406666666666FA82406

Thanks, Homme, for this analysis. The result means to me that there is indeed 
a bug in the buffer function. Thus I will create a ticket in the bug tracker.

Perhaps I will have time to dig a bit deeper into the code to find out why the 
buffer function behaves like that. I will keep you informed and of course I 
appreciate any more comments about this issue.



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