[geos-devel] Editing geometry

Blas Jimenez, Arturo ablas at indra.es
Tue Jan 29 05:49:07 EST 2008



I am currently learning GEOS c++ API and I'm trying to edit a simple
geometry (trying to add a point to a line string). I've realized that
geometries are not editable, so I must, to move, remove or add a single
point to create a fully new geometry with a new coordinate sequence that
only differs on a single point.


Is there any way to edit a geometry without creating a full copy of it
(in my case due to the complexity of my geometries is not possible - I
have geometries that can reach 100Mb stored in memory-).


Another doubt is how to edit geometries using GeometryEditor class.
Should I implement my own class deriving of it? How must it be used?


Thanks in advance.

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