[geos-devel] Editing geometry

Blas Jimenez, Arturo ablas at indra.es
Wed Jan 30 02:12:38 EST 2008

> How are you planning to "add a point" to your (presumably) 100Mb long 
> array of points in memory?

To add a point to an array of points it's not trivial, but an efficient
way to do it it's to maintain a list of pointers to points and add it at
the end or change intermediate pointers to insert at the middle of the

> However you do this, you can them simply build a new Geometry sitting
> top of the modified array inside a CoordinateSequence.

I cannot do that because I would have been spending high amounts of
memory and time to get 'almost' the same that I had at the beginning.
It's unneficient to copy all the list to add a single point.

> The Javadoc of GeometryEditor in JTS explains how to use it. Not sure
> this is provided in GEOS - if not, download JTS 1.9 ( 
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/jts-topo-suite/) and have a look.

I have already take a look, but the documentation is very similar that

How can be used GEOS geometry editors/filters? Is also with this method
necessary to copy the whole geometry to a new one)

Best regards.

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