[geos-devel] Strange problem with ISNAN macro

Simone Giannecchini simone.giannecchini at geo-solutions.it
Wed May 7 05:58:44 EDT 2008

Hi list,
I am resurrecting some old code (1.5 years almost) which depended on a
previous version of GEOS and I am having a strange problem.
My code was used on windows platforms without (apparent :-) )
problems. I have some wrapper classes of Coordinate where I make use
of the ISNAN(x)  macro defined in platform.h.
I have built my app against GEOS 3.0  on an intel win xp pro using vs
7.1 but now strange enough, in my code this test
ISNAN(DoubleNotANumber) always fails, causing me quite a lot of
I have not investigated this problem too much yet, hence the solutions
might be simple and immediate, if so, I apologize in advance! :-)

Does anyone have an idea about how to tackle this problem?


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