[geos-devel] geos 3.0.0 compile error by visual studio 2005

brianlee pengxianghepipi at 163.com
Sun May 18 00:46:16 EDT 2008

 Hi ,list

   I check out the current geos version, and I can not compile it successfully.
 I try the nmake too. but it does not work well.
 Following error: 
 error    135    fatal error C1083: can not open source file:¡°..\..\..\source\geom\prep\PreparedPolygonLineIntersection.cpp¡±: No such file or directory    c1xx
 There is not PreparedPolygonLineIntersection.cpp In folder source\geom\prep\  !!
 but in makefile.vc  row 106 there is item:  geom\prep\PreparedPolygonLineIntersection.obj \ .
 Is there something wrong with the makefile.vc file?
 or I do not following the right way to compile?
 thanks in advance
brian lee
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