[geos-devel] Unclear objects lifetime and ownershipissues inMonotone Chain components

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> Do you know how "inefficient" GCJ is?  Maybe it's not that bad at 
> all...  As long as its garbage collector is efficient it could be 
> similar performance to Java.  AFAIU garbage collectors can be as 
> efficient if not more so than manual memory management.

Haven't a clue how inefficient GCJ is - that was more just type casting just as I think SWIG is slower than any native solution :)  Haven't really tried it to be honest.
I was thinking more along the line that certain languages and styles of programming have different inate efficiencies in them and a general solution would rarely leverage 
that nor leverage your general programming style.  True the garbage collection may be better - but there is more to efficient programming than garbage collection.  

Take a procedural statement and translate it to SQL verbatim - it would be ugly and inefficient but its garbage collection would be excellent.  Who cares - it is still slow.

For example for my line of work - I have a clear idea of how my programming
concepts translate from .NET to PHP to whatever language I know efficiently and what exactly I do is repetitive.  If I rely on a generic code generator
to do that for me - it produces extremely ugly, inefficient, and unmaintainable code (except in the case of C# -> VB.NET (VB.NET -> C# is another story though since ironically VB.NET has a lot more syntactic sugar))

so I've written my own code generators that leverage my naming schemes, patterns, general flow etc
and my understanding of the target language and what portions of it I actually use and discard all other parts as (errors in design :)).  So basically its a well-fit code-glove - when "Regina does this in PHP she does it like this" - "if it were C# she'd do this", "If it were SQL she'd do this" and so on.

The very nice thing about JTS is that its fairly self-standing and the patterns seem very predictable.  Not too many dependencies to worry about that you wouldn't find in another environment.

It would be nice if we could harness all those related factions :).


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