[geos-devel] First use

Giacomo Piva piva at meeo.it
Thu Aug 6 08:11:39 EDT 2009

Hi All,
I just found the GEOS library, i have just installed and i have my code 
(in C) ready to use GEOS.
I see that the C API documentation isn't clear enough for my experience 
so I prefer to ask to you to help me to get started with the first lines.

My problem is that I need to get the intersection between two polygons.
So i figure that i can use the:

GEOSGeometry GEOS_DLL *GEOSIntersection function.

So my first problem is to create the Geometry.
Is there a function such as GeometryFromText() wich accept the coordinates of the corners of the polygon?

Thank to all.

P.S. If someone know a simple tutorial to get started, please send me a link.

Giacomo Piva

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