[geos-devel] Installation of Postgis/postgresql

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Tue Dec 29 04:25:31 EST 2009

Nick Uebelhor wrote:
> Trying to install postgis on LINUX machine, need to find the geos-
> config file, as seems it is no where to be found after download of
> postgis in the ./configure step,

Read the PostGIS manual, where you can learn about its requirements:


Then you will find out that GEOS is a third-party requirement of PostGIS
and is not included in PostGIS source package.

> is there anyone that can give me a clue on how to find this file?

You need to install GEOS with library and header files.
Check if the distribution of Linux you're using does provide
GEOS packages. If not, you need to build and install it from
sources according to "Build and Install" section here:


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