[geos-devel] Re: [GEOS] #234: Intersection Crashes On Multipolygons With Empty Holes

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Sat Mar 7 07:51:40 EST 2009

#234: Intersection Crashes On Multipolygons With Empty Holes
 Reporter:  slambright      |        Owner:  geos-devel at lists.osgeo.org
     Type:  defect          |       Status:  new                       
 Priority:  minor           |    Milestone:                            
Component:  Core            |      Version:  3.0.3                     
 Severity:  Annoyance       |   Resolution:                            
 Keywords:  empty,geometry  |  
Changes (by mloskot):

  * priority:  major => minor
  * keywords:  => empty,geometry
  * component:  Default => Core
  * severity:  Unassigned => Annoyance
  * milestone:  3.1.0 =>


 I've taken the liberty to paste Martin's
 comment posted on the list]:

  ''This is an error in JTS as well.  EMPTY components are generally not
 handled. The whole idea of having empty components seems pretty pointless
 to me anyway. I suppose the best thing to do is to simply strip them out
 in geometry operations.''

 I believe we can leave the ticket open to not to forget in future, but
 with clear statement that users are advised to strip EMPTY components out
 from their geometries.

Ticket URL: <http://trac.osgeo.org/geos/ticket/234#comment:1>
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