[geos-devel] Question

LiN YongHeng bicealyh at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 11:24:50 EDT 2009

hello everyone, Please look these code:
GEOSGeom g1, g2;
g1 = GEOSGeomFromWKT("SRID=5001;POINT(44 31)");
g1srid = GEOSGetSRID(g1);
g2 = GEOSGeomFromWKT(GEOSGeomToWKT(g1));
g2srid= GEOSGetSRID(g2);
g2srid not have the same value with g1srid, which g1srid value is 5001 and
g2srid is -1. My GEOS version is "3.1.0". I don't know why? Can anyone give
me answer and contact with me. my
E-Mail:bicealyh at gmail.com<E-Mail%3Abicealyh at gmail.com>. Thanks!
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