[geos-devel] [Fwd: [Boost-users] [boost] Formal Review: Boost.Polygon starts today August 24, 2009]

Martin Davis mbdavis at refractions.net
Wed Sep 2 12:11:25 EDT 2009

Barend Gehrels wrote:
>> Templates would make it a lot better, but far away 
>> from 1:1 mapping with Java.
> Sure, though Java also have templates now
I'm no expert in this, but my understanding is that Java templates are 
purely for type management, and don't really provide much in the way of 
compile-time optimization (since they don't change the underlying memory 
allocation model of Java).  So it's not clear to me that rewriting JTS 
to use templates would provide optimal code via a direct port to C++.  
It might get closer, I guess, but maybe there'd still be some semantic 
rewriting required for maximum optimization. But I'd be happy for 
someone to prove this conjecture wrong  8^)

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