[geos-devel] Pending Commit: changes to single sided buffering & ogc validity checking

Andrew Ross grof at rogers.com
Thu Jul 15 19:53:33 EDT 2010

Hi Tom, All

Saw the copyright notice in the change. Copyright for geos seems to be held
by a number of people and organizations. That seems legally murky to me but
I am not a lawyer. Has this been discussed previously?

Related, I saw there was an OSGeo CLA in the works (
but it looks like it didn't get approved.


On 15 July 2010 17:56, Tom Siedlaczek <thomas.siedlaczek at safe.com> wrote:

>  Safe Software has made changes to GEOS code and would like to commit them
> back to trunk.
> A summary of the changes is below, and a patchfile is attached to trac
> ticket #364.
> BufferBuilder.cpp
> * Fixed a rare crash in BufferBuilder::bufferLineSingleSided(..)
> IsValidOp.cpp, ConnectedInteriorTester.cpp & TestValid2.xml
> * Fixed handling of rare polygon cases to better adhere to the OGC spec on
> validity.
> * Added 3 cases as WKT to an existing Test Valid xml test.
> Take a look at ticket #364 for a patchfile.
> http://trac.osgeo.org/geos/ticket/364
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