[geos-devel] GEOS Ruby bindings gem and extensions

J Smith jay at zoocasa.com
Tue Nov 30 21:49:58 EST 2010

Alright, all, that wasn't too bad...

Using the output from geos.i, I removed the version number constants
that get sorted out when geos.i is generated and which in turn is used
to generate geos_wrap.cxx. Instead of hard coding the constants at
build time, we can just use rb_eval_string during the extension
initialization to extract the version numbers from the Geos.version
method. For the GEOS_JTS_PORT constant, I noticed that the
GEOSjtsport() function isn't exported for the CAPI in geos_c.h, but I
extern'd it in the Ruby extension anyways to extract the version
information. Is GEOSjtsport() unsafe to use for such purposes? It
seems to be similar enough to GEOSversion() that it could probably be
available in the CAPI, no? If GEOSjtsport is unsafe to use I'll remove
it, though; I just wanted to retain complete compatibility with
existing constants is all. Is GEOS_JTS_PORT a particularly useful
constant? I've never had to use it, but then again I don't use JTS
myself directly. (As an aside, I also added a I've also ssws a
Geos.jts_port method similar to the Geos.version method.)

At any rate, the version constants can now be created at extension
initialization so they won't be dependant the geos.i file any more and
SWIG can presumably be removed from the build process.


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