[geos-devel] Deprecating Visual Studio solutions

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Mon Oct 11 15:00:49 EDT 2010

On 11/10/10 19:42, Paul Meems wrote:
> Hi Mateusz,
> We use the VS solution but if you say we can also use the CMake files in
> VS2008/2010 that's fine by me.
> Can you explain in the documentation how to use them or point to some
> resources that will explain it?

I've started documenting it:


However, "Building on Windows with CMake" article is still missing.

In the meantime...
Basically, it's not a rocket science and if you have any experience with
CMake-based builds, you will find your way.

You can use friendly CMake GUI:


0) Install CMake 2.6 or later.
1) Point GEOS sources location
2) Point build output folder (strongly recommended outside sources tree)
3) Click Configure and if you see no red error messages click OK or
Generate button depending on CMake version you use
4) Go to location specified in 2) and load GEOS.sln to the IDE
5) Build

Please, report any problems here or by submitting tickets to Trac.

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