[geos-devel] Bug in WKBReader

Hugues Romain (RCSmobility) hromain at rcsmobility.com
Sun Sep 19 09:48:18 EDT 2010


I think there is a bug in io/WKBReader.cpp in the C++ port.

At the line 312, the SRID of the geometry recentrly created by the factory
is overwritten by the SRID coming from the WKB data.
But if the WKB data does not contains the SRID, its value will be 0 even if
the factory defines an other SRID.

I propose to patch this with a new condition before overwriting the SRID :
the SRID of the factory is keeped if the WKB does not provide a SRID value.

Do you agree with this ? If yes, is somebody able to commit the patch ?

Hugues Romain
RCSmobility - Software for public transport
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