[geos-devel] TopologyException makes GEOS/JTS very difficult to employ in my production environments...

Maxime van Noppen maxime at altribe.org
Wed Sep 29 11:39:54 EDT 2010

On 09/29/2010 03:31 PM, G. Allegri wrote:
> I would be gratefull if you can share your experience and thoughts...


We're having the exact same problem. Though we didn't (yet) put money on
the table because we're a very young startup not even making money yet.
:) But we're strongly considering it for the future. Currently I try to
help where I can in geos/PostGis but have not much time to really do
much. :(

To address this problem, or at least reduce it, we wrapped the geos
operations we need (intersection, difference, etc) and perform cascaded
heuristic simplifications when a TopologyException occurs (simplify,
buffer of "epsilon" around the geometry, etc).


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