[geos-devel] RE: [Jts-topo-suite-user] JTS Topology error

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On Thu, Feb 03, 2011 at 10:25:08AM +1030, James.Sewell at lisasoft.com wrote:
> (Crossposting to GEOS list)
> I see. So the difference between the GeometryNoder with a PrecisionModel and using ST_Snaptogrid from PostGIS on the input geometries is that the GeometryNoder snaps all nodes which are created by the noding process as it works?
> This seems like an elegant solution to deal with the roundoff issues.
> I gather GEOS doesn't expose noding functionality in this way? Is this something that could possibly be added? From PostGIS would a command like ST_Node(geometry, 10E-10) make sense / be plausible? Or would a better solution be to define the precision for each geometry column?

Check the new ST_Snap() function in PostGIS and GEOS svn repository.


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