[geos-devel] Re: [GEOS] #356: multilinestring buffer artifacts

Martin Davis mtnclimb at telus.net
Mon Feb 28 22:46:31 EST 2011

Good idea about testing previous versions of JTS.  Unfortunately, this 
fails in both 1.10 and 1.8, so the problem seems to be a long-standing 
one.  Very strange that it works in GEOS, though - but good news for you!

When I have some time I'll work on tracking this down...

On 2/28/2011 1:06 AM, Sandro Santilli wrote:
>> While investigating this issue, I came across another one, which is more
>> severe.  If the output from this buffer operation is itself buffered by
>> 1, the result is incorrect - it contains a hole which should not be
>> present.  I"ve attached a test case. At the moment I don't have any
>> ideas about how to fix this.
> Your test succeeds in GEOS (no hole):
>   Polygon[ZM] with 1 rings
>      ring 0 has 74 points
> Maybe is some recent refactoring fixing mine and breaking yours ?

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